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You’ve come to my personal collecting tank of things that help me testing, that I’ve come across, that I don’t want to forget and keep a record of. You’ll find references to articles here, notes on tools I used, popular short cuts, thing’s I’ve learned, pages I like, some basic stuff – anything that helps me get started and keep going, a place where I can build and reflect on my Testing Toolkit. I remember better when I make notes of it, so here you are. If you can find any use of it, that’s great. If you find anything wrong, know a better way or have something to add, let me know, I’m happy to stand corrected and learn more!

Who’s me? My name’s Karo Stoltzenburg. You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and on my “proper” blog putzerfisch. I work as a Software Tester, now in Cambridge, UK but originally hail from Munich in Germany. I don’t like brussel sprouts, but I do like nature.

Views are my own. Any mistakes belong to me.